Member Directory 

The online Member Directory is temporarily unavailable.

If you are a church member and need someone's phone, email or address, please email or call the church office. 

We are in the process of moving to a new ministry platform which will be interactive, include a full directory, and be useful in many ways. Idlewild members will be notified and shown how to use the new Realm ministry platform this fall. Thank you for your patience!


Coming soon -Realm Connect!

An online ministry platform for the whole congregation

Realm Connect is an interactive, browser-based application, designed to integrate members, ministries, and groups. Idlewild members will be able to update their own information, use the member directory, stay involved in group communications, manage pledges and giving, and more. Here's an introduction.

How will this help the congregation?

The member directory will be available anytime. Group and committee leaders can communicate with team members directly through the app. Updating your profile means the church has your most current info. No more calling or emailing to get your address changed.

How do I set up an account?

Sundays, Oct 21, Oct 28, and Nov 4 - Volunteers will be at the church after 11:00 worship to help you set up your member log-in and password.

UPLOAD A PICTURE! It’s easier to remember someone with a picture. Check your contact info. Decide what other members will see in the directory.

November 5 - If you weren't able to sign up at church, you will receive an invitation. You may receive an email stating that your “security settings have been changed.” If you are already using Realm, nothing will be changed and you can simply ignore that message.

Is there an app?

Yes! The Realm Connect app is available for both iOS and Android. It puts the member directory, groups, and other features at your fingertips. Realm is accessible both on the internet and with the app.

What else is coming?

In the coming months, more and more groups and events will become accessible. Group boards will make it possible to communication just within the group. Registrations for events will move to Realm in the new year.

Where is my pledge information?

When Realm is first launched, you will not see your pledge and contributions. That data will be imported into your account at the beginning of the year.

Can I make my pledge in Realm?

Yes! You can submit your pledge directly in the app.



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