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11:00 Bulletin   /   Poinsettias  

We're Live Sundays @ 11:00. Watch on Livestream or download the Livestream app for your phone or Roku (search "Idlewild"). Listen live on WREC-AM 600 radio or (click “Listen Live”) or use the iHeartRadio app.  

Children Ministry Newsletter                     

  This Week At Idlewild  

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 Christian Formation Brochure  


Adult Ministry
Children's Sunday School
Classes, Fellowship, Special Events
All classes and events are meeting in the
sanctuary building while the Jones Building
is being renovated. See where Sunday school
classes meet. 



Idlewild Chimes Newsletter 
  The Chimes  |  June 2018 
  The Chimes  |  May 2018 
  The Chimes  |  April 2018
  The Chimes  |  March 2018 
  The Chimes  |  February 2018 
  The Chimes  |  January 2018 
  The Chimes  |  December 2017 
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  The Chimes | June 2017  
  The Chimes | May 2017
  The Chimes | April 2017 
  The Chimes | March 2017 
  The Chimes | February 2017 
  The Chimes | January 2017 

The Idlewild Chimes is now published three times a year, fall, winter, and springto keep members
and friends informed of events and programs. 

Chimes is not published in July-August. 

Deadlines are the 2nd Thursday of the previous month. 

PDF files can be viewed with Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the free program.  


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