The Idlewild Church family extends a warm welcome to our newest members! If you don't know them yet, please introduce yourself. And as always, when you see someone you don't recognize at church, ask them, "Are you new here? Or just new to me?"


June 2019

Jeremiah Hawkins
was raised in Nashville, Memphis, and Alabama. He spent two years at Union University and then went to a military academy. He came to know Idlewild when he was at Central High School and lived on Belvedere, and came to free play in the gym. He is excited to join a church where he can help make a difference.

Ronald David Greene
was born and raised in Memphis, lived in Texas for a while before returning here about thirty years ago. He served in the Navy for eight years and is a retired Shelby County Schools Reading Specialist. David lives with his sweet dog, Babe, and is looking forward to getting involved at Idlewild.


May 2019

Caitlin Neal and Bruce Butler
moved here last summer for Bruce’s job in paper science engineering. Caitlin’s work is in agriculture. They are from opposite sides of North Carolina (Bruce in the mountains and Caitlin on the coast) and met in the middle, at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Caitlin and Bruce are enjoying Memphis and getting involved in church and community activities. They are to be married in December.

Chris Fuchs
came to Memphis from Birmingham, where he was a physician at the UAB Medical Center. He began visiting about a year and a half ago. Since his schedule varies a great deal, he isn’t able to attend on Sundays as often as he likes. He was eager to make this his church home, though, so he joined at Session last Wednesday evening.


April 2019

Beth Heflin
attended Rhodes College (then Southwestern). She now has three adult children. Her brother and sister-in-law, Bob and Beth Spencer, introduced her to our outreach ministries and she is excited to get involved. She says, “The people here are so warm helpful and friendly and the sanctuary is not only beautiful but is truly a special place to worship.”

Julie and David Nanney
have two children, Charley, an 8th grader at Maxine Smith STEAM Academy, and Bo, a 4th grader at Campus School. David is a Fed Ex pilot and Julie is HR Manager for Muddy’s Bakeshop. They are excited to be in a church which they feel recognizes their values.

Sarah Veazey
grew up in the Presbyterian church and attended St. Mary’s and Ole Miss. She is a pharmacist at Walgreens and lives in High Point Terrace. She has been visiting here with her parents, Tommy and Diana Veazey, who are members. Sarah and Scott Finney will be married in June.

Scott Finney attended St. George’s, Briarcrest, and then Auburn University. He works with businesses to prepare for blockchain technology. He loves live music, bicycling, walking, and traveling with his fiancé, Sarah Veazey. Scott discovered Idlewild after hearing Pastor Steve at a Levitt Shell Easter Sunrise Service.


March 2019

Joanne Barringer has been attending worship service for some time and we are glad to welcome her as a member. She is part of the Covenanters Sunday School class.

Dr. Alexander Bibighaus
is a retired physician from Tupelo. He has been faithfully worshiping at the 8:30 service with Marcia Rhodes for several years and says that during his time at Idlewild he has “experienced a renewed spiritual journey” and he’s excited to make it official. We are excited, too!

Laura and Robert Stroup
are both originally from Tupelo, Mississippi. Laura attended Rhodes College and discovered Idlewild while in school. Robert attended Mississippi State University and joined Laura in Memphis after graduating. Robert is starting a new job in March as a Senior Engineer at Grace Medical. Laura is a CPA and works as the financial controller at Oak Hall. They live in High Point Terrace with their dog Mila.


February 2019

Jake Brown & Suzanne Lamb

Suzanne is originally from Murfreesboro. She went to the University of Tennessee and then the University of Memphis School of Law. She met her fiancé, Jake, on the first day of law school. Suzanne has been an attorney at the Shelby County Public Defender’s office since August 2017. Jake and Suzanne plan to be married in Hawaii in November, with their parents. She has an adorable cat, Kiki. They are thrilled to be joining such a community-oriented church.


Phillip & Carey Pontius

Phillip grew up in Memphis and at Idlewild. After graduating from Christian Brothers, he earned a degree in accounting from the University of Alabama, then moved to Atlanta, where he and Carey met. Carey grew up in Marietta, Georgia and attended First Presbyterian of Marietta. Although Carey also attended the University of Alabama, she and Phillip never met there! They met in Atlanta and worked there for about 10 years until a job opportunity brought them to Memphis. They have two children, Meyers (3) and William (2 months), and Carey is enjoying spending time with them. They enjoy spending time together as a family, especially walks through their neighborhood, watching football, and trips to the lake.


January 2019

Allyn Chapman and Alex Fraser

Alex Fraser was born in the U.K. and moved to the Memphis area with his family in 2001. He went to Lausanne and graduated from Millsaps College in 2013. After working for education and hunger relief nonprofit organizations, Alex moved closer to home to be with his family here in Memphis. He currently works as part of the sales team at Mimeo, and enjoys singing, playing guitar, and hanging out with his Pups.

Allyn Chapman was born and raised in Memphis but graduated with a degree in painting from the University of Southern Mississippi. She now works for a residential architecture firm here in town and is excited to join the Idlewild family!

Jason & April Potter (Blythe) 

Jason and Apryl Potter have lived in Cooper Young for 14 years. Jason is from Memphis and attended Indiana University; he is now Director of Sports Marketing at ALSAC-St. Jude. Apryl, originally from Greenville, Mississippi, attended Ole Miss. She serves as the Greater Memphis Chamber’s Director of Brand Strategy and Communications. Their daughter Blythe attends kindergarten at Idlewild Elementary.


December 2018

Melody McAnally & John Lawrence

Melody McAnally & John Lawrence have been faithfully worshiping as part of our church community for several years. We are so happy to welcome them as “official” members of our church family. Their son Marshall (5) attended the Idlewild preschool. Melody is an attorney with Butler Snow and John is an Economic Development Specialist with EDGE.

John and Kaity Sliger

Kaity was born and raised in Charleston, SC, and John was born and raised in Knoxville. Kaity went to Clemson University for undergrad and UVA for graduate school, and John went to University of Tennessee for undergrad and John’s Hopkins University for graduate school. Kaity and John moved to Memphis is 2014 because Kaity got a job at St. Jude in the Immunology department, and John is an engineer working in avionics. They were married in Charleston in 2015. Since then, Memphis has been our home and we have loved it. Our son Chase was born on February 2, 2018, and he is the perfect addition to our family!


November 2018

We welcomed these new members Sunday, November 18: Alexis & Evan Buckner, Pam Couch, and Elizabeth Shows.


Evan and Alexis Buckner

Evan and Alexis were both raised in Memphis and recently moved back from Atlanta. They were married at Idlewild in 2017 and welcomed their baby girl, Charlotte, in August 2018. They are thrilled to be back in Memphis and to join our church family. They both attended Mississippi State University. Evan is a pilot for American Airlines and Alexis is a nurse at St. Jude.

Pam Couch

Pam was born in Kansas City and raised in a Baptist church. She became a Presbyterian when her oldest daughter, who was in 7th grade, asked to go to the Presbyterian Church where her school friends went. Pam moved back to Kansas City to be with elderly parents in 2005. About two years ago she was ready to make a move SOUTH to warmer winters! Pam’s eldest daughter and her two children live in Atlanta, and her other daughter, Kristen, and her husband Patrick live in Memphis and have twins. So Pam retired, moved back to Memphis to help with the twins, and that is how she found Idlewild!

Reuben Hall and Elizabeth Shows

Reuben Hull grew up in Atoka. As a child of two military parents, he also spent a few months overseas in Crete. Reuben loves to tinker… play with his 3D printer and even work on cars when he needs something bigger. He also loves anything outdoors. Reuben works at MLGW in the electric maintenance shop, where he works on anything with an electric motor.

Elizabeth Shows grew up in the small town of Coopertown, outside Nashville. She is studying biomedical engineering at the University of Memphis, and plans to continue her education with hopes of becoming a Prosthetist. Elizabeth enjoys quilting, camping, hiking, and playing handbells.

Reuben and Elizabeth had their first Sunday at Idlewild this past Palm Sunday. It is definitely worth mentioning that Anne Apple was “super-welcoming,” giving them palm leaves and telling them to go outside. Now they are regular attendees of the Young Adult Sunday School class. They have both enjoyed their time so far at Idlewild and are excited for many years to come!


October 2018

We welcomed these new members on October 21: Sam and Katie Barber, Alison Berger, Joe and Natalie Birch (and twins), Kata Gregg, Marshall and Emma Hatcher (and son, Trip), and Bob and Shirley Turner. 

Sam and Katie Barber

Sam grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and attended Mississippi State University and Mississippi College School of Law before moving to Memphis in January 2016. Shortly after moving, Sam met Katie, a Memphis native who attended the University of Memphis for her undergraduate degree and the University of Georgia for her master’s. Sam and Katie married in July 2017. They live in East Memphis. Sam is an attorney at Smith Phillips in Hernando. Katie is a college recruiting specialist for Deloitte.

Alison Berger
has been attending our church for a long time with her husband, Taylor. We are excited to officially welcome her! Alison and Taylor have three children, Andrew (7), Julia (4), and Catherine (2). 

Joe and Natalie Birch
 were both born and raised in Memphis. They met at CBU, where he was playing basketball and she was playing volleyball. Joe works as a financial planner and estate attorney at Legacy Wealth Management. Natalie is a physician assistant at Christ Community in Raleigh. They have six-month old twins (and a six year old labradoodle), so they are busy! Natalie and Joe chose Idlewild because they want an open-minded community to get involved and to raise their kids.

Kata Gregg 
was born and raised in Athens, Alabama, 20 miles west of Huntsville. Kata (rhymes with Beta) was baptized and grew up in Athens First Presbyterian Church, which is a small church, so she has been a member of almost every committee or group over the years, including the choir. She went to Auburn University, and lived in Birmingham for a few years after graduating. This summer she came to Memphis to attend physical therapy school at UTHSC. When she isn’t studying (which isn’t often), she spends her time entertaining her Irish Terrier, Spud. They are currently training for the St Jude 10k in December. She has enjoyed attending Idlewild since moving to Memphis and is excited about the many opportunities to serve the community through our ministries.

Marshall and Emma Hatcher 
were married in Princeton, New Jersey in 2015 and lived in Montclair, New Jersey until their move to Midtown Memphis in the summer of 2016. This past June, Robert Alvin Hatcher III “Trip” arrived! As first time parents, they often find themselves in the “baby black hole” these days, but are excited to get involved in the life of Idlewild. Marshall grew up in a Presbyterian Church (USA) in Hernando, where his father, Chip Hatcher, was minister. Emma was born and raised in Hopewell, New Jersey and attended Trinity Episcopal Church in Princeton. Emma is a veterinary nurse at East Memphis Pet Hospital and Marshall teaches history at Presbyterian Day School.

Shirley and Bob Turner
were married at Idlewild by Dr. Jones in 1966. Before moving away soon after, Shirley had been a lifetime Idlewild member and Bob joined when they got married. They moved to California in 1967 for a two year stint with the Navy and stayed 45 years, first in Menlo Park/Atherton and, later, in San Francisco. Bob practiced dentistry; after retirement he became a winemaker. Now retired once more, he enjoys fly fishing, golf, and volunteering at Church Health as a dentist.

Shirley is a native Memphian who graduated from Central High and attended Texas Women’s University. Bob’s family moved to Memphis from Cincinnati. He graduated from White Station, Vanderbilt, and UT School of Dentistry. For several years, they have spent more time in Memphis to be near family. Now they love being in Memphis and are glad to be part of Idlewild. Their daughter lives in Laguna Beach and their son in San Francisco with their granddaughter and grandson.


September 2018

Jessica Bigham
 was born in Memphis, baptized at Cordova Presbyterian Church, and attended Idlewild as a child. She has has always remembered Idlewild fondly, so she returned!  Among other things, Jessica is a nurse and animal lover. We are blessed to have her here. Jessica joined by affirmation of faith.



Bob Clyburn
 has been visiting for about two years, and now is part of our church family. He is a Midtowner and lives just around the corner on Auburndale. He joined by reaffirmation of faith. We are happy to welcome Bob!

Keaton Gross, with Charlie & Avery

Keaton Gross lives in Midtown with her husband, Charlie. Their daughter Avery was born in April 2018 and baptized on September 23. Keaton is originally from Beaufort, South Carolina. She met Charlie in college at Clemson University. She moved to Memphis after graduating from vet school at Mississippi State and now practices in Marion, Arkansas at Animal Health Center. Charlie has been in the church all his life. We couldn't be happier to have Keaton as part of our family of faith. Keaton joined by reaffirmation of faith.


August 2018

Angie Doherty, and children Otis and Rosie 

Angie Doherty grew up attending Eudora Baptist Church with her beloved grandmother. After about 20 years away from Memphis (15 on the west coast), she moved back home with her husband and small children this past spring. Angie awoke one morning shortly thereafter with an overwhelming urge to attend a church service—and that’s how she made her way to Idlewild. She had been to some services and classes here, so it seemed like a natural starting place; as then, Angie loves it just as much. As part of our Idlewild family as enjoys seeing her children grow and flourish in a healthy, open-hearted, progressive church. Angie is an independent bookseller and is working toward certification as a labor doula. It is her hope that through bookselling, birth work, and community outreach with an active church home, she can help shine a little light on her beloved hometown.

Stephen & Gabby Nelson, and daughter Eliza

Stephen Nelson grew up going to St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral. He went to Ridgeway High School along with his two siblings and, after college at Rice University in Houston, Stephen came back to Memphis as a teacher with Teach for America. When he met his wife, Gabby Nelson, she was already active at Idlewild. He began participating in the young adult community a few years ago, while attending another church. Stephen now works in Marketing Communications at Youth Villages in Bartlett, which allows them to attend church together and he can be a full member of our faith community. Stephen and Gabby have an infant daughter, Eliza.

Lindsey & Andrew Williams have enjoyed getting to know the Idlewild community since the fall of 2015.  Andrew, originally from Seattle, and Lindsey, from Louisville, both graduated from Rhodes College where they met then college chaplain Walt Tennyson, who introduced them to Idlewild. Andrew works in Corporate Banking for First Tennessee. In his free time, he enjoys playing with Henry, talking sports (especially Seattle Seahawks), and training their golden retriever Annie to become a certified therapy dog.  Lindsey completed the Memphis Teacher Residency program in 2011 as well as a graduate degree with a concentration in autism studies. She was a reading interventionist for a local charter school. Currently, she stays home to support three year old Henry and get ready for the upcoming arrival of their daughter Hattie Marie. Henry always looks forward to Idlewild--which he affectionately calls “Jesus’ house.” Andrew, Lindsey & Henry are excited to continue to learn and grow in this community of faith. 

Caroline Cox & Galen Gower 

Caroline and Galen both grew up in the Memphis area. Caroline grew graduated from the University of Memphis with a bachelor’s in painting. In her free time, she enjoys pottery, running, gardening, RPGs, volunteering, and loving on their dog. Galen grew up in Bartlett and earned a bachelor’s and master’s from the U of M. He enjoys running, chess (more enthusiasm than skill), RPGs, and our young adults Theology on Tap discussion. Caroline & Galen have really enjoyed getting to know new people here. They were introduced to Idlewild by Jeff and Amanda Myers.


June 2018

Rob Bell
is a print salesman and has been with Toof American Digital Printing Co. in Midtown since 1991. He grew up in a Christian household and graduated from Harding Academy and the University of Memphis. We welcome Rob by reaffirmation of faith. 

May 2018

Beth Kenwright
is from Roswell, Georgia and grew up attending Roswell Presbyterian Church (USA). She moved to Memphis in 2009 to attend Rhodes College, which is when she started attending Idlewild. After graduating from Rhodes with a degree in political science and religious studies, Beth went to law school at Ole Miss. When she moved back to Memphis to practice law, she knew she wanted to come back to Idlewild! Beth joined by letter of transfer from First Presbyterian, Oxford , Miss.


Judy Holland moved to Memphis from Richmond, Virginia, though she has lived in a number of cities. She has a wide and varied background in education and has worked as a classroom teacher, department head, and a guidance counselor. She is a lifelong Presbyterian and has served her previous churches as well as at the Presbytery level as the Moderator of the Presbytery of the James and on the Committee for Preparation for Ministry. Her church work has been driven by a call to outreach and social justice issues. She says, “one of the chief reasons that I am seeking membership at Idlewild is the church’s history of involvement in causes that promote God’s mercy and justice in the Memphis community.” Her sister is Jenny Nevels, described by Judy as an “Idlewild booster.” Judy came to Idlewild by letter of transfer from Bon Air Presbyterian, Richmond, Virginia

Donia Wade (photo not available) joined by  reaffirmation of faith

Confirmands (by profession of faith)
Jonas V. Boughter, Griffin Thomas Hood, Paul Thomas Jones, Jessica Gerdes Joshi, Amy Elizabeth Lopez, Katherine Gilchrist Reddkn Miller McCarty Sharp, Emily Eve Taylor, Ansley Claire Turner, Caroline Gardner White, and Chloe Lauren Young. 


April 2018

Zach Wells
grew up in Slidell, Louisiana. He and his fiancé, Alyce, both attended Louisiana Tech University, then moved to Memphis together. He found Idlewild through Alyce and her work with the music ministry.  Zach loves his job as a process engineer at Smith & Nephew. He loves the opera and symphony as well. His hobbies include playing the violin, flute, and baking. He is an avid reader, enjoys baking, and plays violin and flute. He is also very interested in robotics, which also ties into his career. Zach hopes to get more involved our music ministry after he and Alyce get married in June.

March 2018

Wendy Rylee joined March 18, 2018. She has a son, Robert. 

Eric and Deanna Metz joined the church March 18, 2018. Eric is from Maryville in East Tennessee and Deanna is from Tampa, Florida. They met at Maryville College, where they both majored in history, and were married on campus in 2011. Eric later obtained his graduate degree from the University of Memphis. He works as an administrator for Methodist Healthcare and Deanna is a teacher with Bartlett City Schools.

February 2018

Chuck & Beverly Blanton
have been attending our 8:30 service for two years—We are glad to have them as “official” Idlewild family members! They were previously members at Wynne Presbyterian Church in Wynne, Arkansas. Chuck is a Corporate Director for Mueller Industries and Beverly is a loan officer at Primary Residential Mortgage. Beverly has a son who is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas and a daughter who lives in Nashville. Beverly & Chuck also have a cat.  They were drawn to Idlewild because of the openness and acceptance of the congregation.

January 2018

Nichole Cooley

Nichole Cooley, a Memphis native, graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in journalism. She works for The New Teacher Project, a national non-profit based in Brooklyn, that focuses on getting great teachers to the students who need them most. She has been visiting Idlewild for about a year now and is excited to join (and we are excited to have her!). She is already serving on the Young Adult Committee.

Emily Draffen & Stephen Gannett

Stephen Gannett grew up in New Albany, Miss. and attended Ole Miss. Now he is a general manager and trainer for Newk’s Eatery in Memphis. Emily Draffen grew up in Reinbeck, Idaho and attended Drake University in Des Moines. She is the PR and events coordinator for Novel, an independent bookstore in East Memphis.


Zach Godfrey

Zach Godfrey was born in Abilene, Texas and graduated from Rhodes College after studying Russian. He is now a basic EMT with a private ambulance company. He is thankful to be welcomed to this church and looks forward to searching for God along with this congregation.

December 2017

Tom & Pam Charlier

Pam Charlier has experience in church planting, having helped plant a church for the Episcopal Diacese of West Tennessee, and she also has ran an active youth group. Tom has been a journalist for the Commercial Appeal for more than 30 years, covering such topics as the environment, healthcare, and science as well as human interest and investigative stories. 


November 2017

Mark & Nicole Kennell

Mark and Nicole Kennel, with their daughters Madeline and Michal Grace, have been visiting Idlewild for the past year. We are so happy to have them as part of our church family. They moved back to Memphis in 2014 from their home in Togo, West Africa, where we served as missionaries. Now, Mark teaches art history at Wooddale High School and Nicole is the Director of the Adult ESL program at Hopeworks. Their daughter Madeline is a Rhodes student, and Michal Grace is a junior at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School. 


Elle Lawhead

We warmly welcome Elle Lawhead, who is married to Josh Lawhead, a longtime Idlewilder. She grew up in Germantown and attended Rhodes College, where she earned a bachelor of art and was a member of the CODA fellowship program. Elle is a buyer at AutoZone. She and Josh (“the guy next door”) met in 2013 and were married last spring. They are expecting their first baby this December 18! 


Ira & Sarah Wigley

We are happy to welcome Ira and Sarah Wigley and their four children, Oliver (17), Emily (14), Philip (2), and Andrew (8 months). Ira and Sarah in Southaven in a home built by Ira’s grandfather.  Sarah, who graduated from the University of Memphis, is a property manager with Fogelman Management Group. Ira is the retail manager of the cafeteria at St. Jude, where he has worked for more than 10 years. He is also a pastry chef.  Ira, Sarah and their whole family enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, camping, and reading. They are so happy to be part of the Idlewild church family. 


September 2017

Justin Lomax

Justin recently moved to Memphis and is a first year medical student at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center. He was born and raised in Knoxville, where he grew up in Farragut Presbyterian Church. While attending the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where he earned a degree in biology, Justin was a regular at First Presbyterian Church and was active in their UKirk college ministry. Outside of school, he loves to travel, ski, and play soccer.


Elise Piper

Elise recently moved back to Memphis from Atlanta. She is working at the Dixon Gallery and two daughters, Katie and Anna Douglas Piper. Elise is the daughter of Dennis Higdon and the sister of Catherine Higdon.


Gay Patterson Prewitt

Gay has recently moved back to Memphis from Houston. She has worked in film production for the past 20 years and is about to begin work with a feature film that will be shooting in Memphis for ten weeks. Gay is an alumni of St Mary’s School and Southern Methodist University. She is the daughter of Julia Patterson and the sister of Meg Comes.


August 2017

Sophie Jones & Chad Cunningham

Sophie grew up here and attended Hutchison. She earned a degree in fashion/textile design from the University of Alabama then moved to NYC, where she worked on Women’s Runway for Ralph Lauren for five years until deciding to move back to Memphis. Her fiancé, Chad Cunningham, has been an Idlewild member  for quite; after attending services with him here, she knew this would be the perfect place for here to continue to grow closer to the Lord! Sophie and Chad are to be married here on September 23—which they are very excited about! 


John & Tess Huwe

Jon and Tess met in undergraduate school at Ole Miss and were married this past December. Tess, who is originally from Potts Camp, Miss., recently finished her master’s degree in speech language pathology from the University of Memphis and now works for Shelby County Schools. Jon is from Corinth, Miss., and is in his final year of pharmacy school through Ole Miss. Jon and Tess are both excited to have found a new church home that shows the love of Christ through community involvement — and cannot wait to get to know their new Idlewild family!


Pete & Tracey Sanders

Pete and Tracey Sanders come to Idlewild from Fourth Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Caroline, where they lived for the past 10 years. Prior to that they lived in South Florida, Connecticut and Virginia, and both served on committees and as officers in their PC(USA) churches along the way. Pete’s career is in education; his move to MUS is what caused their westward migration. Tracey is a “recovering techie” who enjoys helping to improve small-company websites. Their daughter, Hope, recent graduated from university in London and is now studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan.


July 2017

August & Brandon Walker (Mara Layne) 


Brian & Alisha Boone (Scarlett)  
Brian is a Memphis native who grew up playing basketball and participating in the youth groups at Idlewild. He is a graduate of Rhodes College and is currently the CFO of Sommerset Apartment Management. Alisha grew up in California and graduated from MTSU. She is the Senior HR consultant for UT Health Sciences Center. They are parents to one-year-old, Scarlett, who will be baptized here in August.  


Chris Parker & Katherine Martin  
Katherine grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She earned her under graduate degree from Alabama and her graduate degree from Auburn, then moved to Memphis from Charleston, South Carolina about a year ago. She currently works in marketing with Looney Ricks Kiss Architects. Chris grew up in Fairhope, Alabama and received his bachelor's of architecture from Auburn. He is a designer/associate with John Harrison Jones Architect.


Shannon & Michael Hall
As a child Shannon attended Idlewild with her grandparents, Bill and Ruth Moore. She and Mike have been married for 32 years and live in Olive Branch. He works for General Mills and she is a supervisor with Desoto County Schools. They have three children, Amber, 19, who is in college at Mississippi State, Aaron, 24, a Germantown police officer, and Andrew, 27, whose son they enjoy spoiling.


John Tower  
John is the son of Steve Tower and has sung with the Idlewild Choir on a regular basis. He grew up in Memphis, graduated from White Station and attended Western Kentucky University. He has taught English as a second language in Korea and volunteers as a teacher at Vision Tree Language School, a part of the Korean Church of Memphis. John is currently coaching AAU track (middle distance) and preparing 10 athletes to run in the Junior Olympics in August. He also owns and operates the Pawsome Pet Concierge.

June 2017

Daniel and Anna Hamilton (Alma June)
Anna grew up in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and Daniel is from Nashville. She is a lawyer with the public defenders office and he is also an attorney with the Hamilton Law Firm. They are parents to eight-month-old Alma June.

May 2017

Angela Ladner (Max)

Angela grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and has a master’s in accounting from Mississippi State University. She moved to Memphis in 2006 and has been a senior project manager with FedEx for six and a half years. She has a three-year-old son, Max. In her free time, Angela enjoys running or new workout challenge, having completed a full marathon and several half marathons. She loves to travel and has been fortunate to see most of the world traveling to every continent, except Antarctica, and 17 countries through business and personal travel.

Deborah Coleman 

Deborah, previously a member of First Baptist Church, found Idlewild after attending a special worship service. She is employed with Terry Reagor Realtors where she handles rental property and rents affordable vans.


Elliot & Ashley Davis (Reese)

Elliot and Ashley both grew up in Oxford, Miss., where Ashley was a member of the First Presbyterian Church. They began dating in high school. Ashley graduated from Ole Miss with a master's in tax accounting. Now she is the internal audit manager at Lucite International. Elliot graduated from Nashville Auto Diesel College and works as a diesel mechanic for MHC Ford. They have been married for 10 years and have a three-month-old daughter, Reese.

Julie Sparkman 

Julie grew up in Holly Springs, attended Mississippi State University, and has lived in Memphis for the last 10 years, and loves all things MSU. She is currently is accountant with Pfizer. Her family, parents, grandmother, sister and brother-in-law and their 3 boys all live in Olive Branch, so she tries to spend as much free time with them as possible. She is particularly interested in volunteer activities withing the church.

Laurel Dolan

Laurel moved to Memphis in January from California, where she was a member of the Laguna Presbyterian Church. A native of,Southern California, she received her under graduate degree from the University of Santa Barbara and her graduate degree from UCLA School of Public Health. She was employed as a quality improvement nurse with United Healthcare for the last 20 years. Currently she is awaiting her Tennessee RN license, then which she will seek employment in Memphis. Having been an active member of the PC(USA) for the last 40 years, she found Idlewild appealing because of the outstanding preaching and because there are three ordained women on staff. She is enjoying the Lectio Divina Sunday School class and has found connections in the Lenten Lectionary groups. Laurel has an adult son, Daniel Aaron Dolan.

Meghan & Ben Clark (Sloane & Mae)

Meghan and Ben recently moved back to Memphis from Charlotte, N.C., where they were members of Covenant Presbyterian. Ben grew up in Somerville. Meghan grew up in Germantown. They met as students at Rhodes College. He is employed with Service Master and she is an at-home mom taking care of their girls, Sloane, 3, and, Mae, who is 18 months. They are enjoying a rediscovery of Memphis after 11 years.  


Sally Lester



April 2017

Boyd & Charlotte Gillespie (Helen, Lily, Philip)

The Gillespie family moved to Memphis from Charleston, South Carolina last August. Boyd is the head of the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at UT Medical School. Charlotte recently finished service to their church in Charleston for APNC. Daughters Lily and Helen are in the 11th and 9th grades at Hutchison, and their son Philip is at MUS. 

John & Ashley Coffer 

Ashley is from Collierville and John grew up outside Houston, Texas. After graduating from the University of Tennessee. Ashley moved to Waco, Texas, to began graduate school at Baylor University; while there she met John, who was a recent Baylor graduate. They were married in 2012 and moved to Memphis in 2014 to be closer to Ashley's family. John is employed with First Tennessee Bank as a risk analyst. Ashley is an academic advisor with the University of Memphis. They live in East Memphis with their two dogs, Lady and Tux.


Justin Totty and Laura Gullet

Justin moved to Memphis to pursue a career in executive recruiting. He holds a bachelor's of business and an MBA from UT Martin, where he served as school mascot, was a campus ambassador, a social fraternity member, and a supervisor for the University Center. Now that he's in Memphis, he works as a recruiter with Gateway Group Personnel, is a Grizz and Redbirds fan, and enjoys biking and time at the dog park. Laura is originally from Martin, Tenn., and has lived in Memphis for almost four years. The youngest of three sisters, she graduated from UT Martin in 2013 with an accounting degree and from the University of Memphis in 2015 with a master's in accounting. Laura is an accountant with First Horizon National Corporation. She and Justin share in the like of sports and time with their pets.



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